Who can participate?

We have randomly picked 25,000 metropolitan area residents from the population data system to participate in the well-being survey for the metropolitan area. Only the persons who have been selected for the survey may participate in it.

Every answer is important

Each person that has been selected for the survey is important to us, as a person that has been selected cannot be replaced by another in a sample survey. In the survey, each participant represents the residents of their own area as well. Even though answering is voluntary, we hope that as many as possible will answer the survey. By answering, you can make sure that you and other people in the same situation in life and their opinions are being considered in the decision-making related to well-being in the cities of the metropolitan area. It is important that a wide range of residents in the metropolitan area participate in the survey – people of all ages in different situations in life, singles and families, people with different education backgrounds and income levels.

How do I answer the survey?

You can answer the survey on the Internet or using a paper form. All participants will receive a letter in the mail, which includes the login data for the web survey and a paper form. The letter includes the username needed for answering the survey on the web. To answer the web survey on the Internet, log in at: https://www.gallup.fi/pkskysely

The survey can be answered in four different languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The language of the paper form has been chosen according to the participant’s native language in the population data system. If the participant’s native language in the population data system is a language other than Finnish, Swedish, English or Russian, then the participant receives the English version of the form. On the web, you can choose any language version that you like.

The paper form includes instruction for answering and mailing the survey. Sending back the form is free.

How long does it take to fill in the form and what is asked?

The form has about 70 questions, which take about 30 minutes to answer. You can take breaks when answering.  The questions of the survey do not test your knowledge of the topics. The questions are asked to collect information about everyday life, for example, about ways of life, health and use of services. Answering is not difficult. The questions concern everyday things, which we can get information about only by asking the survey participants. They are the best experts of their own lives.

If needed, the questionnaire will be sent again

We will wait a certain time for the answer, after which we will send a reminder of the participation. This means that you do not have to worry if you misplace the questionnaire or web logins.

If you cannot or do not want to participate in the survey, please tell us, and we will remove you from the survey and no longer send mail to you about it.

Participating is safe

The cities of the metropolitan area are official authorities that store and process data confidentially and are bound by an obligation of secrecy and the Data Protection Act. Every person who collects and processes data are bound by professional secrecy. The web survey uses a secure connection to ensure that the data does not leak. Individual participants cannot be singled out from the results.

Well-being survey for the metropolitan area: privacy policy and rights of the data subject

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen are joint controllers of the research project in the data collection phase. The privacy policy for the study can be found here.

Information about rights of the data subject and instructions on how to make a request for verification or a request for rectification can be found on the city websites below. The data subject is entitled to contact any of the controllers:





Further information

Further information is available by phone or e-mail. There are also a number of frequently asked questions available.

phone information: 09 310 36377 (on working days from 9.30 to 11.30am)

E-mail: kaupunkitieto.kirjasto@hel.fi

People in charge of the study

Helsinki: erikoistutkija Hanna Ahlgren-Leinvuo (hanna.ahlgren-leinvuo@hel.fi)

Espoo: vt. tutkimusjohtaja Minna Joensuu (minna.joensuu@espoo.fi)

Vantaa: tutkija Minna Mänty (minna.manty@vantaa.fi)

Kauniainen: hallintopäällikkö Pilvi Kalliomaa (pilvi.kalliomaa@kauniainen.fi)