Who can participate in the study? Only a person who has received an invitation to the study may answer the survey. The participants of the well-being survey for the metropolitan area have been randomly picked out from the population data system. The persons picked out in the sample will receive a letter with the questionnaire, the username and password for web survey and detailed instructions for answering. The survey can be answered in four different languages: Finnish, Swedish, English or Russian.

Can I forward an invitation to another person? No. The questionnaire or web username/password cannot be forwarded to or used by another person. The person picked out for a sample survey cannot be replaced with another person.

What data are collected from the registers? The following register data concerning all participants have been sampled from the population data register for the purposes of the survey: Person's name, address, postcode and post office, native tongue (Finnish/Swedish/Russian/English/other), gender, age, marital status and home municipality. Any other register data are not collected for this survey research project.

The name and address data have only been used for mailing the questionnaires.

Age, native tongue, gender, marital status, home municipality and postcode are utilised in the calculation of the weight coefficient and in the analyses of the research results. The objective of the study is on the population level, and individual participants or answers are not interesting as such in any phase of the study. 

Who can access my data? Only the people for whom it is necessary to process them due to collection of research data, creation of the research material or analysing of the results can access the research data. The processing of personal data in all phases of the study is done in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Data Protection Act 1050/2018. The privacy policy of the study includes a description of how your personal data is processed in this study.

In the research material, the direct personal identifiers of the participants have been replaced with research codes that protect the identity. It is not possible to identify the identity of a participant based on the research code.

The results of the study are processed by researchers in the municipalities of the metropolitan area, who use the material based on the research code and do not gain access to personal identifiers of individual participants. The researchers are also bound by professional secrecy and the obligation to confidential processing of research data.

The persons picked out for the survey study are entitled to receive information about the personal data collected for the study, the collection methods and the disclosures. Information on where to find out about the data subject's rights is on the front page of the study.

Who finances the study? The study is financed by the cities of the metropolitan area Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Does the study have a research permit? A data permit for picking the sample has been applied for at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The legal grounds for the processing of personal data is described in the privacy policy. In terms of the collection of data for the study and the creation of the research material, an impact assessment of privacy protection has been carried out to ensure that it complies with the requirements set up for the processing of personal data. The study is carried out in accordance with good scientific practice.
Why is this study carried out? Promoting well-being and health is a task of the municipality. To be able to carry out this task, the municipalities need sufficient data about the well-being and health status of their residents. It is also important to gain an understanding of what kind of factors actually influence the health and well-being of the population, and what kind of connections can be established between these factors. For this reason, the municipalities of the Metropolitan area carry out this joint survey by mail and on the web to collect information about the living conditions, quality of life, engagement, functional ability, health status and ways of life of the population.

Can I be identified from my answers? In the research material, the direct personal identifiers of the participants have been replaced with research codes that protect the identity. It is not possible to identify the identity of a participant based on the research code.

I have decided that I do not want to participate in the study after all. However, I did already answer some questions. What should I do? You can withdraw from the study by calling 09 310 36377 (working days 9.30-11.30 am) or by sending an e-mail with the withdrawal request to kaupunkitieto.kirjasto@hel.fi.

How long does it take to answer the questions? The form has about 70 questions, which take about 30 minutes to answer.

Are we supposed to talk about corona-related aspects in our responses? The idea is to respond on the basis of your present situation during the covid-19 epidemic. We are aware that the epidemic influences responses, and we will take this into account when we analyse the responses. We collect these data roughly every second year, and we are going to compare the results of this year’s survey with those of previous surveys – and of surveys that we conduct in future.

What should I do if I am not able to answer all questions? The questions of the survey do not test your knowledge of the topics. The questions are asked to collect information about everyday life, for example, about ways of life, health and use of services. Answering is not difficult. The questions concern everyday things, which we can get information about only by asking the survey participants. They are the best experts of their own lives.

The person selected for the study is sick/very old/has reduced mobility, hearing or vision/intellectual disability or does not understand Finnish/Swedish/English/Russian. Should they participate in the study? Age, health status, disability etc. does not prevent from participating in the study. If needed, another person may assist the selected person to fill in the questionnaire answers on the paper form or the website.

However, participating in the study is voluntary and you can notify us by phone at 09 310 36377 (working days 9.30-11.30 am) or by e-mail to kaupunkitieto.kirjasto@hel.fi that a person that has been selected for the study will not participate in it. When we get the information about it, we will remove the person’s data from our research register and no longer send them mail about the study.